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Here at Jake 2 Jake Knives, we strive to make a beautiful and functional knife for all walks of life. All of our knives are handmade by us, in our shop that is nestled in the Northeast Georgia Mountains. With each piece of our own forged steel and materials for the handles, comes the inspired imagination for our one-of-a-kind knives. It is our undeniable passion that fuels the forge we sweat from, the lifting of the hammer that forces the steel to do what it wants first, and then what we want. Each lesson taught leads to another, and each facet of skill drives us to dig for a deeper understanding of what we do. We work with an open mind, so as never to stop learning new things along the way. Before we master any trade, we must first master our own minds, which is a daily challenge for everyone. We trust in this way of living and nurturing and guide our children to live a life of love and inspiration. Our hopes are to inspire you in some way as well. Thanks for visiting and supporting Jake 2 Jake Knives!

The Mighty Jake


Jake Asuit
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