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Hi I'm Jacob and I used to make knives. Better knives than anyone else you can name. My craftsmanship has been unmatched but has also been hidden. I chose to stay with my wife raising and homeschooling our 4 children instead of traveling for weeks at a time to make sure my work doesn't get swept under the rug. In December of 2021, I had an accident that nearly took my index/little finger of my right and dominant hand. It was seemingly minor, however due to the malpractice of a very poor hospital I ended up in a better hospital for 3 days in emergency observation unit, septic and fighting. After being quickly replaced here with much turmoil for bringing this burden not only upon myself but on this precious business, I STILL returned to work to heat treat, clean etch and assemble 1200+ hat knives, as well as 50+ regular knives in a short 2 months, exceeding the seemingly impossible goal set by boss, despite my ruined right hand. Feeling conflicted, I opted out of a third surgery and continual occupational therapy so as not to be more of a burden with down time. Consequently my fingers do not work properly and are riddled with arthritis. In June 2022, I had another accident that left me in the hospital for 2 weeks with broken Tibia/Fibula both sides multiple fractures, tibial plateau fracture on my right knee, compound fracture right ankle. After 5 surgeries I now sport 6 new titanium plates, 40 screws and 10 pins in my barely working legs. I spent 6 months in a wheel chair but thanks to my wonderful doctors and therapists, I am able to walk. Although it is very slow, it is improving. The accidents could've happen to anyone at anytime doing anything but of course this was all my fault as I should have never been doing anything but working and not dedicating time to achieving my own dreams. However, I fully trust that everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for me. Our family has fallen apart entirely, though you may not hear it that way. The story is longer than I could ever tell, but I would rather part ways and move on with my life. So I will just say that after years of being manipulated into staying, I am no longer staying. That being said if you are buying knives from here, just know you are not getting anything from me. I will be attempting to restore my sense of self worth elsewhere after years of seeking truthful evidence that I was not just an expendable and replaceable "employee" in vain. I prayed continuously for clarity and God delivered exactly that.

  - Jacob Asuit

Jacob Asuit
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