- Jacob Asuit

Jacob Asuit

Hey! I'm Jacob, the other Jake. Son of Jake Asuit, brother, husband and father of 4. I've been bouncing around the knife industry for 10 or so years now, staying based here at Jake 2 Jake Knives. My journey with knife making has been an interesting one to say the least. My main role here has been roughly the same throughout the years. Although I am seasoned veteran in most all facets of the trade, I am involved more specifically with all things blade related such as forging steel, grinding blades and heat treating. A few years into full time knife making, my skill level landed me a gig for a high level knife supply company which played a major part in my experience as a blade smith. I must have done anywhere from two to three thousand blades for them, all of which were sold as "ready to handle" blades to newbies learning the trade, much like us in the early stages. These days my blade count is around 12,000. That seems ridiculous to many people, hell it seems ridiculous to me. Finding new inspiration is a challenge I face often this far along in the journey, although there are still things I have yet to accomplish with knife making. I'm looking forward to new adventures with the trade and seeing what the ol' man and I come up with next! Thanks for visiting my page and supporting the 2 Jakes!