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Hey! I'm Jake Asuit of Cleveland, Georgia. I haven't always been a knife maker, in fact, the idea to become a knife maker started with the 2008 economy collapse. In the years prior, life was good. Nearly 30 years a stone mason when my business collapsed. After losing just about everything I had, I learned that life goes on with or without you, so self- taught knife maker sounded like something I was interested in diving deeper into. Not long into knife making, I realized that there are too many makers doing the same thing. Originality is important, I think, so I needed a way to reinvent myself and the knives we were making. I began to incorporate the artistic mindset of stone masonry into the knives and it has evolved over the years into what it is now. Art, in its simplest and ancient form. WOW, what a concept. We've come a long way from where we began, now its comforting to say we do it all. From the forging of the steel to the sheaths that hold the finished knives, everything I do is passion driven. Love what you do or its not worth doing, right? So if I'm not on the highway headed towards the next show or in a western river somewhere catching a trout to eat for dinner, I'll be in the shop turning life's lost treasures into timeless pieces of functional art. Thanks for visiting my page and supporting the 2 Jakes!

 - Jake Asuit

Jake Asuit
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