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Most of our knives are sold in store, given that holding a knife is a big part of buying one. The retailers below have a great selection to see in person, however we do keep a small online store stocked. Also check out our "Official Merch" store. Rest assured, our checkout is secure and we very much value our customers privacy. So get on over there and see whats ready to be sent to your door!


Without question, Kemosabe is our best retailer. The home store located in Aspen, Colorado is full of energy and is our favorite place to hold a Trunk Show! Other locations include Vail, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada. All locations are stocked with 2 Jakes knives. Our knives can also be purchased through their website. Don't miss a chance at a Kemosabe experience!


Canty Boots, owned by Nikki Edmundson of Harrison, Montana is known to have a handful of 2 Jakes knives. The always cheerful Nikki is a footwear fashion specialist who takes pride in her craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can occasionally find our knives on her website along with her one of a kind Canty Boots!

Mercury Leather Works owned by Trajan Vieira, a Master Craftsman of 30 years, is known to have a handful of 2 Jakes Knives in his store located in Cody, Wyoming. They specialize in cowboy boots, belts and fine custom saddles, using the finest of leathers.
Find out more on their website!


Moo Country, owned by a "Self-made, Montana-raised woman" and located in Red Lodge, Montana & Franklin, Tennessee, is a "Unique Boutique"
that combines the "Gritty Cowboy and the Rhinestone Cowboy!"
Check out their website for exact locations and a look at our knives, along with boots, hats and more!


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